Ask anyone what the most commonly misplaced item of all time is and the answer you are likely to get is “my keys.”  To end the search once and for all,Guest Posting simply secure your key to a key lanyard.  The key lanyard can then be worn around the neck, wrist, arm, or waist.  Also of common practice, is to attach the key lanyard to an item that is frequently carried, such as a backpack or purse.  A key lanyard can also be conveniently attached to a belt loop, allowing the keys to be placed into a pocket.

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Often made of rope, cloth or wire, the key lanyard provides the security of knowing where your key is at all times.  It is easily accessible and also keeps your hands free.

The key chain lanyard is designed to attach personalised lanyard supplier to an individual key or entire set of keys.  The device used to secure the keys is typically a metal or plastic key ring, referred to as a split ring.  A popular style of key chain lanyard is a neck lanyard featuring an attachment to secure a smaller key chain lanyard.  The small key chain lanyard can then be removed when the keys are needed and then easily reattached to the neck lanyard when the keys are not in use.

Available in many styles, the key chain lanyard is a matter of individual taste.  Custom printed key chain lanyards can made to have a slogan, logo or symbol.  Key lanyards are inexpensive and can be purchased through a number of suppliers, and then customized to you favorite color and print.

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